Asset Management & Alternative Investment

Madison Pearl’s Asset Management and Alternative Investment Sector focuses on helping companies attract, develop and retain best-in-class buy side talent. Our consultants are respected advisors to leading firms in the industry on issues across all stages of the talent life cycle, including market mapping, acquisition and assessment. We understand the trends, issues and people that drive the sector.

The newest and best talent, when and where you need them

Tightening regulations, global demands, increasing ambiguity — all demand that your succession process identifies and prepares exceptional senior bankers who are progressive thinking, agile, strategic, and capable of managing increasing complexity. Identifying and equipping C-suite and pivotal leaders who can drive results today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow’s business environment is imperative. Additionally, it is essential to build effective boards that reflect current and future strategies. Madison Pearl can help you accurately identify, drive development, accelerate readiness and energise transitions of the best leaders in asset management today.

Local expertise

We have our headquarters in Dubai and continue to work with the world’s financial and legal institutions. Every assignment is led by a senior consultant to ensure that client needs are fully understood. The insights and advice that we offer clients and candidates are greatly valued and help attract the best talent to our client organisations. We are the only firm who can help our clients both identify regional and international talent and select them through proven solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We bring a unique breadth and depth of knowledge about the local markets to our clients.