Private Equity

Madison Pearl’s Private Equity team focuses on serving the leading PE firms to attract, develop and retain best-in-class talent

Our buy side team has considerable experience in this niche sector and has developed an impressive network of executives. The consultants are well versed in identifying and cross-referencing candidates from multiple perspectives to ensure they fit your culture and strategic needs. We offer a full range of solutions to ensure you have the best talent, including strategic search, wider scale contingent recruitment, market intelligence and talent management strategy.


The Private Equity team serves clients pursuing a wide array of investment strategies including: LBO, venture, mezzanine, restructuring, distressed-for-control as well as other esoteric long-dated investment strategies. Our clients include:

Limited Partners

and other indirect investment firms/secondaries.

Hedge Funds

active in private capital markets.

General Partners

private equity, real estate, infrastructure, long-dated credit.

Key areas of focus

Regional Associates and VPs with extensive Middle East deal sheets, Investment Team Directors, Operating Partners/Advisors, Capital Raising Professionals, Middle and Back office support functions (CFO, COO, Legal), Limited Partner Investment Teams, Fund Leadership (Managing Partner, CEO).

We also work with PE client management to source senior management for their portfolio companies. These assignments typically focus on recruiting for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Heads of Business Development and of Sales.

Local expertise

Madison Pearl’s Private Equity team are based on the ground in Dubai with many of them growing up in the region and developing long-term relationships with key business professionals. In a region where relationships are king, Madison Pearlconsultants have a reputation for always delivering and holding key values to ensure a smooth process.

The senior consultants have deep expertise but also collaborate as a team to ensure you have candidates that meet your specific needs and culture. No matter where you are in your organisation’s growth or investment cycle – your ability to attract, develop, and retain the best talent is critical to long-term success.